iPad Air 4 (2020) Review Real Life Use

I have had the iPad Air for a while now…for like a month or something. I use it for my everyday personal computer, video editor, photo editing, drawing pad, and playing a video game. Before I got the iPad Air I was using a Linux based laptop, that was good but couldn’t handle the 4K video editing and the photo editing was fine but the screen was sub par. I like the portability…though I haven’t been going anywhere for the last several months. I use a 2018 iPad Pro for work so I am familiar or numb to any of the drawbacks of using a tablet as your main go to device. I wouldn’t have made this video if I didn’t feel completely confident in how well this machine is put together and works. I opted for the 256 gb version in green and use a smart folio keyboard, which some people have poo poo’d for the sounds it makes when you type, but I don’t find it nearly as annoying as the sound my dog makes when she licks the couch for no reason. A lot of real world applications to it. I recommend it for almost anyone, if you are considering buying this, don’t and just do it. Thanks for attending my GREG talk

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