The Merkur Futur adjustable double edged safety razor seems to be a great choice for people with various needs when it comes to shaving. I am excited to try this safety razor out more. Merkur FUTUR: Shaving need: Omega 10049 Brush: (affiliate) Edwin Jagger DE86: (affiliate) Shave Soap: (affiliate) Shave brush […]

#SHORTS The Merkur FUTUR Safety Razor

Merkur FUTUR: Travel Kit: Safety razor: (affiliate) Cremo Shave Cream: (affiliate) Astra blades: (affiliate) Shark Blades: (affiliate) Nivea Post Shave: (affiliate) Toiletry Bag: (affiliate) Shaving need: Omega 10049 Brush: (affiliate) Edwin Jagger DE86: (affiliate) Edwin Jagger DE87: (affiliate) EdwinJagger DE89: Gillette Razor: (affiliate) […]

What’s in my Travel Shave Bag 2021

Traveling and being a wet shaver can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be. A minimalist shave kit is all you really need. Obviously, it is impossible to carry your blades in your carry on. If you only have or need a carry on, you can always pick up blades when you get there. […]

Edwin Jagger DE86 DE87 DE89 & Omega 10049 Review

The Edwin Jagger DE86 aside from handle color is identical to the DE87 and DE89. The DE89L has lines in the handle. This is an affordable safety razor fit for beginners but also built with quality for longevity and aesthetics. The Edwin Jagger DE86 with the Blade’s Grim Shave Soap and my new Omega 10049 […]

Can You Use the iPhone 11 Pro in 2021?

The iPhone 11 Pro is still a very capable phone. I made this for myself. I always get the itch to replace my phone when the newest one comes out. I can watch this whenever that itch comes along. Hopefully, I can talk myself out of swapping the iPhone 11 Pro out for the latest […]

How to Train Your Mustache

Training your mustache isn’t like training a dog or for a prize fight. Although they share one thing in common, repetition. Continuing to comb your mustache throughout the day or running your fingers through it are important things to ensure it grows the way you want. Mustaches are hair and like the hair on your […]

How to Grill a Steak on a Charcoal Grill (Easy)

Using a charcoal grill can seem very scary…there’s no knob to control the heat! (there kind of is) You have vents and on mine a chimney at the top. Wide open, will increase the heat. As you close the vent and chimney it will decrease the amount of oxygen getting into the gill causing the […]