Traveling and Shaving With a Safety Razor Kit

Traveling with a safety razor kit doesn’t have to be cumbersome and really comes down to pairing down your normal safety razor kit. When traveling, you may worry about flying with your favorite soap or your favorite aftershaves, but I am here to tell you, safety razor travel can be a breeze. Here is my […]

The Perfect Adjustable Safety Razor? Rex Ambassador

The Rex Ambassador Adjustable Safety Razor is amazing. As far as adjustable razors got this safety razor provides one of the best shaves on the planet. Unfortunately, I don’t like this razor at all. For and adjustable, I enjoy the ergonomics, weight, diversity of blade gap, and quality of shave. It still doesn’t do it […]

Can this $60 Adjustable Safety Razor Hit Above its Weight?

There’s no shortage of various adjustable safety razors on the market. An adjustable safety razor typically has a knob that you can turn to adjust the razor blade’s exposure on the razor making for a more aggressive or milder shave. Adjustable razors are great for every day shaving but also shaving off a weeks worth […]

My First Week With a Parker Shavette Razor

I have owned this Parker Shavette Razor for a week. Shaving with it incrementally every day has helped me find pitfalls in my technique without making a mess of my already messy face. The shavette is like a straight razor but takes single edge blades that can be finnicky to replace. The razor feels good […]