Good Shave Soap for Beginners (TAG VIDEO)

Shave soap is great for everyone that shaves. I was tagged by @The Shaving Disciple (even though I called him the shave disciple (sorry)) and I wanted to make something more about the soap I wish I was steered towards, that would have been good for when I was starting out. Y’all have fun! Tag! […]

Phoenix Fakelight Filament Slant Razor Review

The Phoenix Artisan Accoutrement Filament Slant Razor is light weight, easy to use, and feels comfortable in the hand. A review like this is hard for me because I have never used a slant razor before. So taking a few weeks to get used to the slant razor and really try to make a thoughtful […]

This Razor Changes Everything

The Colonel Conk Double Track Razor is a cartridge razor for wet shaving enthusiasts and cartridge razor users alike. The greatest part about this razor is it can introduce cartridge shavers to wet shaving through Col. Conks’ shave soaps and other razors they offer. I bought this razor for an upcoming trip and as I […]

New Shave Soap from Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

When it comes to new shave soap, Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements does not disappoint. With frequent releases, amazing scents, and fantastic performing lathers you can have a new scent from one of their soaps for a year and a half. I was excited to get the notification for this new soap last week that I ordered […]

Traveling and Shaving With a Safety Razor Kit

Traveling with a safety razor kit doesn’t have to be cumbersome and really comes down to pairing down your normal safety razor kit. When traveling, you may worry about flying with your favorite soap or your favorite aftershaves, but I am here to tell you, safety razor travel can be a breeze. Here is my […]

The Perfect Adjustable Safety Razor? Rex Ambassador

The Rex Ambassador Adjustable Safety Razor is amazing. As far as adjustable razors got this safety razor provides one of the best shaves on the planet. Unfortunately, I don’t like this razor at all. For and adjustable, I enjoy the ergonomics, weight, diversity of blade gap, and quality of shave. It still doesn’t do it […]