What’s the Deal With Artisan Shave Brushes?

When it came to shaving, I never really payed much attention to shave brushes and the variety that is out there (spoiler alert: there are a lot of artisan brushes and mass produced ones). I started with a “badger” hair brush that cost me almost nothing. I have since added a few other brushes, primarily […]

Does New Mean Better? Rex Ambassador vs Gillette Fatboy Safety Razor

The Gillette Fatboy is highly coveted as an exceptional vintage adjustable safety razor. However, Rex Supply Co and Razor Emporium offer an amazing new adjustable safety razor called the Ambassador. With 62 years in age difference between the two razors (the Fatboy is from 1960) are there any improvements people should expect from the Ambassador […]

Reading Scent Profiles for Colognes, Parfums, and Other Fragrances

I have started getting into fragrances, colognes, and parfums. One thing that was very confusing to me was the scent profiles and reading them. When reading scent profiles I was constantly confused by what it all meant and why anyone would want to smell like 500 different ingredients. Until it it me, and I could […]

Oh Schick! Is this Injector Razor the Best Shave Ever?

The Schick injector razor type E (made from 1935-1945) has widespread availability compared to other types of Schick injector razors. I haven’t spent much time exploring vintage razors, but recently a lot of people have been talking about how great they are…so here are my first impressions on the Schick injector razor from almost 90 […]

What to do With Double Edge Blades (6 Steps to Make a Blade Bank)

When throwing out double edge blades it may seem daunting as to what to do with those baldes. Typically, people buy what is called blade banks. (These store blades until you are ready to recycle them) With double edge blades it seems like a good idea to just include them in your trash. But,anyone that […]

Vintage Razors Unboxing (My First) #mailcall

I haven’t spent much time exploring vintage razors, but recently a lot of people have been talking about how great they are…so I figured i would try some vintage razors. These razors are very exciting to me because there are a few single edge razors, an injector razor, and a near mint adjustable that I […]

Two Fatip Razors vs Other $40 Safety Razors [REVIEW]

In the beginning men grew beards. There were no safety razors, electric razors, or Fatip Razors either. Cavemen started shaving by using clamshells as tweezers to reduce their facial hair. It is said that the Romans “invented” traditional shaving. Fatip is an Italian Safety razor company that has been in existence (as that name) since […]

Best Shave Soap of 2021 [Top 5 Shave Soaps]

When it comes to shave soaps, there are a lot of options I don’t claim to have all of the shave soap out there or the overall best shave soap. What I do have is a list of my favorite, or best, shave soap that I have used this year. The categories may seem all […]

Best Aftershave for Men [Top 5 for 2021]

The best aftershave for men is subjective and requires trial and error to figure out which aftershave works best for you. Let me know what is your best aftershave this year. Phoenix Shaving Aftershave: (affiliate) Phoenix Mysterium Balm: (affiliate) Stetson Aftershave: (affiliate) Aqua Velva Aftershave: (affiliate) Clubman Aftershave: (affiliate) American […]

5 Tips for Winter Skin Care for Men

The dryness in winter can be tough on your face. Here are 5 tips for winter skin care that can help anyone who suffer from dry irritated skin in the winter. Hydration is important in the winter (and always I guess) but there are other ways to keep your skin moist and not drying out […]


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