How to Shave With a Safety Razor

So you want to get into shaving with a safety razor. I think that is a great idea. Using a safety razor is very easy the most nervous I get is when changing the blade and shaving around my pudgy chin. The supplies are inexpensive, great for your skin, and almost impossible to travel with. I have non affiliated links in the bottom of things I have for my set up that are inexpensive and have worked well for a number of years. The disposable multi blade shavers are fine for a lot of people. They add more blades to “get the shave closer.” Which is a bit gimmicky, you gotta remember the companies that come out with these need to come out with something new to keep you purchasing things and buying items that are specific to the item they just released. It is just good business. Those razors work and they do a good job. I find them, especially during dry winter months, to wreck my skin. I have pretty sensitive skin. So a while back I gave the safety razor a shot and never really looked back. So lets get into the things you need to shave with a safety razor. Razor, blade, soap, and some way to apply the soap. This is my set up.

Not affiliated links


Blade Variety Pack
Brush and Stand
Shave Soap I use
Popular shave soap

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