Gillette Fusion 5 vs King C Gillette and Rockwell Model T2 Safety Razor

The Gillette Fusion 5 has five blades which should make it five times better than a safety razor that only has one blade. Right? There are a few things to take into account here when exploring this topic. Cost, ease of use, products necessary for shaving, and quality of shave. The Gillette Fusion 5 is a wonderful razor but moving away from it for so long and only shaving with a safety razor for the previous ten years I have become a bit of a shave snob.

Razors (they were $7 when I bought the 100 pack) (affiliate)
Fusion 5: (affiliate)
King C Gillette: (affiliate)

Camera and lens: (affiliate)
85mm: (affiliate)
24 mm: (affiliate)

#wetshaving #safetyrazor #shaving

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