Phoenix (PAA) Flight Satin DOC Travel Safety Razor Review

Phoenix Artisan Accouterments are well known for their shaving soaps and aftershave scents. Their quality is only rivaled by their clever packaging. The Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements or PAA make delightful quasi traditional safety razors, safety razor designs that are no longer made so they have improved on them. The PAA Flight Satin DOC (Double Open […]

Rockwell Model T2 one month later review and Mail Call

Rockwell Model T2 Safety razor and a PAA mail call today. Shaving with a safety razor or exploring the art of traditional wet shaving is a lot of fun. The smells of the soaps and aftershaves, the various safety razors and their intended purposes, compatibility with so many razors at different price levels and sharpness. […]

Gillette Heritage Safety Razor Review and Comparison

The Gillette Heritage Safety Razor is the predecessor to the King C Gillette Safety Razor. Personally I think the Heritage razor is a better razor than the King C Gillette because it’s easier to shave with, easier to hold, and harkens back to the 1929 version they are emulating. By getting this razor it has […]

Budget Shaving with a Safety Razor

Safety Razors and wet shaving have a stigma that fancy rich people do it and that’s it. I am here to show you how to shave with a safety razor on budget and without having to break the bank with fancy soaps, aftershaves, brushes, and expensive razors. Using a safety razor or any other traditional […]