ASMR Full Shave 🪒 With the Best Edwin Jagger 3One6 Safety Razor #asmr

Quick full Shave with top notch soap, wonderful brush, and one of the best safety razors. Some times the best part of wet shaving is the quietness and the solitude. The Razor: (affiliate) PreShave: (affiliate) Soap: (affiliate) Blades: (affiliate) If you feel the urge to support the channel, please consider “buying […]

5 Best Safety Razors if You Only Wanted One

Whats your one safety razor for life? When it comes to the wet shaving hobby we tend to get caught up in the “latest and greatest” when it comes to safety razors and soaps and splashes. Chasing the dragon for the best shave ever and trying to improve everything. So we acquire dozens of safety […]

The Leaf Twig – Best Razor Yet?

The @Leaf Shave Twig razor has surprised me since I bought this razor. I have been both frustrated and awe struck with the shaves I have had with it. Since I have dialed it in I have had some of the best shaves of my life with the Twig. I recommend this razor for anyone […]