This Leaf razor could be for you!

Introducing the Leaf Thorn Razor – the perfect solution for an effortless and comfortable shave. This unique razor combines form and function to provide you with an exceptional grooming experience. With its leaf-shaped handle and thorn-inspired blade, the Leaf Thorn Razor is not only stylish but also easy to grip and control for a smooth […]

Rockwell Razors FINALLY Did It!

If you feel the urge to support the channel, please consider “buying me a coffee”: The Rockwell T2 and 6S safety razors are high-quality shaving tools designed for a smooth and close shave. The T2 model features a durable, chrome-plated brass handle, while the 6S model has a sleek stainless steel handle. Both razors […]

Conan O’Brien Needs a Shave (Kit)

Conan took a chunk out of his face shaving…I’m here to help. @conanobrien ‘s Shave Kit! (Some of these links are affiliate links which may pay a small commission) Razor 1: Razor 2: Razor 3: Soap: Aftershave: Brush 1: Brush 2: Check out the Conan Episode here: […]

Top 5 Safety Razors of 2022

2022 is over and I have my top 5 safety razors for the year. These are all my personal favorite razors that were purchased in 2022. I have five categories that I go over in this video. Adjustable, Three Piece, Bacon-esque Handle, Premium, and Overall winners. The links provided are affiliate links. Thanks for your […]