How to Grill a Steak on a Charcoal Grill (Easy)

Using a charcoal grill can seem very scary…there’s no knob to control the heat! (there kind of is) You have vents and on mine a chimney at the top. Wide open, will increase the heat. As you close the vent and chimney it will decrease the amount of oxygen getting into the gill causing the […]

How to Blow your Nose when you have a Mustache

Blowing your nose when you have a mustache can be tough to deal with. Boogers in your mustache are both gross and detrimental to maintaining healthy facial hair. Here are a few ways to keep the snot out of the stash. There;s the Kleenex fold, the shaving it off, and a new way that I […]

The Juiciest IPA ever?

Is Maplewood Son of Juice the juiciest IPA ever? This beer is pretty darn close to the juiciest India Pale Ale I have ever had. It’s Juicy enough to still taste like beer but also be super easy to drink. Maybe it is the best balance of Juice and beer there is. If you can […]

How to Grow a Mustache: How To Trim Your Mustache

When mustaches get too long, you should trim it. Trimming your mustache can be scary. This is how I trim my mustache. I have my scissors and comb to trim my mustache and clean up my mustache’s look. It’s important to not go too fast when trimming your mustache. It is also important to wait […]

Bisquick Pancakes Tips to Deliciousness

Do you like pancakes? (That’s rhetorical)Bisquick Pancake mix is the easiest thing I have found to having pancakes that are consistently delicious. I like pancakes enough to make them for my family.The instructions on the box are great, follow those.The tips I have are pretty straight forward and I am sure you would stumble upon […]

Naked Threesome (A Growler of Beer)

Naked Threesome is a New England Style IPA from Raised Grain Brewing Company out of Waukesha, WI is an easy drinking beer that can and will sneak up on you. You can drink this beer any time of the day (I just don’t recommend drinking it with cereal). If you can find it you should […]

The Beef Stew for You

My wife said, “You made a really good beef stew a few years ago.” I don’t remember what I made, but it wasn’t this one. Things You’ll Need for this Beef Stew Crock Pot ~2lbs of stew beef (usually cut up already) 3-4 large carrots 3 large potatoes Clove of garlic 2 Tbsp of brown […]

How to Make a Pot Roast

Stuff you’re going to need to make pot roast1. The right amount of meat, we used 2 pounds of chuck for 2.5 people and it was plenty2. 6 long carrots peeled and cut into about 2 inch portions3. 5 potatoes chunked into cubes (doesn’t have to be exactly cubed…you are eating them after all)4. 2 […]