Why Do We Need This Shave Soap Scent?

It has always been interesting to me when a shave soap has the fragrance of a classic after shave or cologne. Not to say it is unnecessary, just the question of, “Should this shave soap smell like this?” pops into my head. I love the envelopes artisan shave soap makers are pushing but sometimes shave soaps modeled after colognes can give me frag burn and the likes. The Phoenix Shave Soap here does not produce any frag burn (so far) and makes me feel giddy whilst shaving with this soap and splashing on the matching aftershave.
Pick it up here in CK6: https://bit.ly/3yHGuiO (affiliate)
or in CK1: https://bit.ly/3rXagfT (affiliate)
If you feel the urge to support the channel, please consider “buying me a coffee”: https://ift.tt/xLO96DC

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