5 Best Safety Razors if You Only Wanted One

Whats your one safety razor for life? When it comes to the wet shaving hobby we tend to get caught up in the “latest and greatest” when it comes to safety razors and soaps and splashes. Chasing the dragon for the best shave ever and trying to improve everything. So we acquire dozens of safety razors and pounds of soaps and splashes. I think, if you wanted to you could have just one razor….FOR LIFE!
Razor Options:
Rockwell Razors 6S Safety Razor – Stainless Steel-
N075 Mixed Metal Machined-finish.
Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 Stainless Steel Black DE Safety Razor
Rockwell Razors 6C Double Edge Razor – Gunmetal-
Rockwell Razors – Adjustable Safety Razor – Model T2 – Brushed Chrome

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