The Cheapest Shave You Can Buy (2 Options)

If you have been in the “rabbit hole” with your shaves, you know there is some serious money you can drop on the latest and greatest soaps, razors, aftershaves, and even shave bowls, brushes and everything in between. Finding the cheapest shave that actually works is mission critical. I think it is fun to see what the least expensive options or overall cheap shaves are out there. So I went to the Razor Company to find just that. I did not include canned goo shaving cream, but I did include some of the cheapest items I could find on the site and tested them out…for you.

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The kits are listed below, they are affiliate, and I do earn a small commission though the price does not change for you.

$17 Shave Kit:
Shave Stick:
Shave Balm:

$23 Shave Kit:
Shave Cream:
Razor and Blades:

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