Two Fatip Razors vs Other $40 Safety Razors [REVIEW]

In the beginning men grew beards. There were no safety razors, electric razors, or Fatip Razors either. Cavemen started shaving by using clamshells as tweezers to reduce their facial hair. It is said that the Romans “invented” traditional shaving. Fatip is an Italian Safety razor company that has been in existence (as that name) since the mid 1980’s. The Fatip Safety Razors deisgns have been in use since the early to mid 1950’s. These are entireley made in Italy (even to this day) in a town about 7 hours from Rome. The Fatip Razors are a great weight and great shaving experience with classy looks. But how do they stack up to other safety razors at their modest price point?

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