Best Shave Soap of 2021 [Top 5 Shave Soaps]

When it comes to shave soaps, there are a lot of options I don’t claim to have all of the shave soap out there or the overall best shave soap. What I do have is a list of my favorite, or best, shave soap that I have used this year. The categories may seem all over the place but determining my favorite shave soap is more of an art than a “buy this” mentality. Any reputable shave shop you visit in person or online should have quality stuff. Find what soap works for you and determine what is best for your face.
Featuring @Stirling Soap Company @Douglas Smythe The Shave Mercantile, Zingari Man, Spearhead Shaving, Gentleman’s Nod, Arko, and Fine Accoutrements

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