Safety Razor Battle Royal: Four Adjustable Safety Razors but Only One Winner!

Adjustable Safety Razors have taken over my life. It is time to decide a champion through an epic 4 adjustable razor battle royal. Only one safety razor can come out victorious (I’ll still keep the other ones).

Parker Variant VS Vikings Blade Meiji VS Rex Ambassador VS Rockwell Model T2
Which of the Adjustable Safety Razors will reign supreme?

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Thank you for watching and supporting my channel.
0:00 Intro
1:20 Build Quality
2:44 The Zen of Balance
3:53 Comfortable isn’t it?
5:21 Change Your Blades
6:25 Enjoyment of the Shave
7:47 Values
8:46 …and the winner is…
#wetshavers #traditionalshaving

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