Can this $60 Adjustable Safety Razor Hit Above its Weight?

There’s no shortage of various adjustable safety razors on the market. An adjustable safety razor typically has a knob that you can turn to adjust the razor blade’s exposure on the razor making for a more aggressive or milder shave. Adjustable razors are great for every day shaving but also shaving off a weeks worth of growth without having to swap to a different razor mid shave to get a closer shave. You can start out aggressive and work your way down to a mild shave. The razor featured here is the Parker Variant Adjustable Safety Razor adn I think this might be a great bargain for the quality shave you get from it.
I got mine from the Shave Mercantile:

It is also available on Amazon here: (affiliate)

The Vikings Blade Emperor Meiji Adjustable safety razor is available here: (affiliate)
My first impressions video of the Meji can be found here:

And Rockwell Model T2 coverage is here:
and one month later

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