My First Week With a Parker Shavette Razor

I have owned this Parker Shavette Razor for a week. Shaving with it incrementally every day has helped me find pitfalls in my technique without making a mess of my already messy face. The shavette is like a straight razor but takes single edge blades that can be finnicky to replace. The razor feels good in the hand although, I am not used to holding it yet. I do find the shavette can give a closer shave if you fully commit to the process.
You can pick up your own Parker Shavette from the Shave Mercantile or other shops around the internet.

Shave of the day photo tutorial video:
Parker 96R review:
Camera and lens: (affiliate)
85mm: (affiliate)
24 mm: (affiliate)

#wetshaving #safetyrazor #shaving #shavette

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