How to Shave with a Safety Razor

My friend Brandon just bought a safety razor starter pack from the Shave Mercantile and I wanted to show him how to shave with a safety razor. He used a cartridge razor before but now he is moving on to shaving with a safety razor. It only took several of my safety razor and shaving soap overviews to get him to try it but here we are. Welcome Brandon to the world of safety razors. With practice, shaving with a safety razor can be easy and exciting. There is something about using such old shaving technology that makes the entire ordeal special and sophisticated. For about eight years I shaved with a safety razor to have less irritation on my face, more enjoyable time shaving, and saving money. Let’s help Brandon and new shavers to the community.
0:00 In the Beginning
0:45 In the Kit
1:34 Getting ready to Shave
3:24 Face Prep
5:02 So that’s how it’s done!
6:30 Bonus Items
7:15 Splashing and Balming has a starter pack that is fit for anyone.

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