Can You Use a Safety Razor To Shave off a Mustache?

#DEshaving #wetshaving #mustache #shavemustache
Today we are going to find out if you can shave a mustache with a safety razor.
Shaving a mustache with a safety razor has been something I have been curious about for a while. Using the Merkur Futur and adjustable safety razor, I know was my best option for optimal shaving. Making sure my mustache was very wet and the lather was good and embedded , reaching the skin, was also crucial. By using good balance, a steady hand, and maintaining proper razor angle I hoped to be successful. Double edged safety razors are great for quick clean shaving. Mustaches are awesome for looking older, more masculine, and more handsome. In this mustache vs safety razor bout we’ll find out if it can be done.

0:00 Intro
1:08 The Setup (Gear Used)
2:30 The Shave
3:50 Recap and Final Thoughts

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