Parker 96R Double Edged Safety Razor 6 Month Review

#wetshaving #parker96r #review
The Parker 96R required a second review from me, because I realize the Parker safety razor isn’t flawed, I was. utilizing more technique and making sure I take my time has resulted in an enjoyable shave with the Parker double edged safety razor and have grown to have respect for this tool.

The Parker 96R: (affiliate)
Blades: (affiliate)
Shave brush and stand: (affiliate)
Things I use to enhance my stache:
Beardguyz Beard Butter (affiliate)
Mustache Trimming Kit (affiliate)
Oreo Double Stuf (affiliate)
Beard Wash (affiliate)

The Shave Mercantile for soap:

King C Gillette double edge safety razor review:
How to shave with a safety razor:
How to shave your mustache:

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