The Best Shave Soap for Sensitive Skin?

Shaving with sensitive skin can feel like a chore and it can be hard to find shave soap for sensitive skin. Fortunately there are people who make, supply, and share their products and ideas with the world with similar afflictions. The Shave Mercantile partners with Music City Suds to make these wonderful shave soaps and are great for us with sensitive skin.
Although The Shave Mercantile sent these items to me. They did not have input on my review or on this video.
Check out The Shave Mercantile Here:
They have a great selection for shaving needs.

The Shave Mercantile sent me these two house brand soaps that they made in partnership with music city suds to check out and review. They have been offering these shave soaps since 2017. Although they sent these to me, I have not been told what to say or for them to sway me one way or another. I will have a link to the shave mercantile website in the description, they offer the full array of wet shaving products even restored vintage razors fixed up by the owner.
There are three things I look at when I am considering a new shave soap.
Lather, scent, compatibility.
Lather is important to me, because of how hectic my mornings can be. Drop my daughter off at school, get home, get showered, shave, get dressed. So I don’t have a lot of time to fuss with a long arduous lather process. These soaps were quick and easy to lather, you can get away with using a lot of water or a little water.
When it comes to scent, I want something subtle. I have always leaned towards less smell. Let’s face it, I would imagine we all want something subtle when we are wearing face masks during the pandemic, we will be encompassed by the smell of that any time we put one on. A Dutch oven of heavy sandalwood odor is not what I am looking for. The unscented version is just that, no added scents just the scent of the soap. It’s a lot like an Arko puck but certainly not as in your face. Once it is rinsed off there is no smell at all. The Limeade was different. I was nervous at first hopeful to not get any flashbacks from my tequila drinking days. But as soon as I applied it to my face I was blown away. The scent was very delightful and once shaved I couldn’t wait to have my wife smell my face.
When I say compatibility I mean I have pretty sensitive skin and I know that some soaps can really mess with my face.
Ethan at the Shave Mercantile has been very helpful when it comes to picking out soaps, brushes, and razors for my type of skin.

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