Merkur Futur Review is it good?

The Merkur Futur adjustable double edged safety razor seems to be a great choice for people with various needs when it comes to shaving. I am not impressed with this and it hurt my face.

Merkur FUTUR:

Shaving need:
Omega 10049 Brush: (affiliate)
Edwin Jagger DE86: (affiliate)
Shave Soap: (affiliate)
Shave brush and stand: (affiliate)

Things I use to enhance my stache:
Beardguyz Beard Butter (affiliate)
Mustache Trimming Kit (affiliate)
Oreo Double Stuf (affiliate)
Beard Wash (affiliate)

The Gear:
Camera (affiliate)
Mic (affiliate)
Light (affiliate)
Fun light (affiliate)
Drone (affiliate)

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