How to Train Your Mustache

Training your mustache isn’t like training a dog or for a prize fight. Although they share one thing in common, repetition. Continuing to comb your mustache throughout the day or running your fingers through it are important things to ensure it grows the way you want. Mustaches are hair and like the hair on your head it’s not just perfect as soon as you wake up (unless you’re me).
I have affiliate links of gear I use for my mustache, shaving, and videos below.

Shaving need:
Gillette Razor: (affiliate)
Shave Soap: (affiliate)
Shave brush and stand: (affiliate)
Things I use to enhance my stache:
Beardguyz Beard Butter (affiliate)
Mustache Trimming Kit (affiliate)
Oreo Double Stuf (affiliate)
Beard Wash (affiliate)
The Gear
Camera (affiliate)
Mic (affiliate)
Light (affiliate)
Fun light (affiliate)

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