The Tiffen Circular Polarizer for my FujiFilm X100F

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So, usually if I get a new lens I always put a UV filter on the front, just for extra lens protection. I heard an interesting idea that instead of doing that with the X100F get a circular polarizing filter on the front. I got the Tiffen Filter because it is inexpensive and is well reviewed. One of the things that had me scratching my head for the first bit was how to take it off. There is a small thread on it that fixes to the connector and the majority of the filter spins freely…so I thought I got a defective one.

The beauty of a polarizer is it can help cut down on reflection on surfaces, give a clearer image of the sky, and it looks neat on the water. Right now it is winter in Wisconsin and fairly overcast and hard to find water (that isn’t frosty) so I will get some neat images in a few weeks when I go to Florida and update the post.

Here is an affiliate link to the filter I purchased.
Make sure you get the right size for your lens, if you have multiple lenses feel free to buy one for the biggest lens you have and buy step down rings to fit them to your other lens. That is a great way to save money.

Let me know if you have a preferred Polarizer or any other filters you like for your camera.

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