Bisquick Pancakes Tips to Deliciousness


Do you like pancakes? (That’s rhetorical)
Bisquick Pancake mix is the easiest thing I have found to having pancakes that are consistently delicious.
I like pancakes enough to make them for my family.
The instructions on the box are great, follow those.
The tips I have are pretty straight forward and I am sure you would stumble upon them on your own given enough batches.

(I was going to include tricks but these aren’t tricky)

Tip 1
Use the optional ingredients they recommend on the box….THEY TASTE AMAZING! Add the veggie oil, sugar, vanilla extract, and the baking powder. They make a big difference in taste. I grew up on crepes, which are kind of like pancakes. I add the extra milk for thinner pancakes.

Here’s the ingredients ready to get all mixed up!
Here’s our mix master
Here they are, all blended and ready for the pan!

Tip 2
The first pancake is going to get wrecked. I call it my “test pancake”. But, it is important to see how the rest of the pancakes will pan out in the pan…puns intended.

You’re going to be garbage

Tip 3
Bisquick recommends flipping when the sides “look dry” I look for the bubbles to be big and then flip

Time to flip
Just look at it!

Tip 4
Use real maple syrup. Real maple syrup makes a difference.


Photos were shot on the FujiFilm X100F

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