3 Easy Must Have Christmas Cocktails for 2020 [how to]

I have three quick Christmas Cocktails that have been staples in my home that I am going to share with you. One of my favorite parts of Christmas time is the cocktails and to see family. I’m not seeing family this year so it is just the cocktails. Let me know what your favorite Christmas cocktail is in the comments. With the lack of gatherings it is important to spend as little time crafting cocktails as possible. It should take the same amount of time to craft a cocktail as it takes to put pajamas on. We have no place to go and no one to impress. This can be your most relaxed Christmas in years. Enjoy yourself…maybe even get a little drunky. Just be safe. A few things I look for with a good Christmas cocktail is warm flavors, forest like aromas, and somewhat sweet flavors. That’s why the first on my Christmas cocktails list is, you guessed it, Jameson. This checks all the boxes for me, you don’t need ice in it, so it will help keep you warm, it’s easy to drink, and it looks on fleek in this moose cup. My second cocktail of choice is less of a cocktail and is more of a beer, because it’s beer. Specifically this season I will be enjoying this one. It’s pretty heavy, but overall, a delicious beer. I do recommend pouring this one in a cup as the smells and flavors are pretty hard hitting out of the little nozzle on the bottle. Speaking of the bottle, the design is pretty fancy. But, it’s no miller lite.The third cocktail, is great any time of the year, but i think that’s because it reminds people of the fantastic holiday memories they had arguing about brandy or whiskey for this cocktail . It’s the old fashioned…and it must have brandy in it. This one takes a bit more time to prepare than the other two, but can still take less time than pajamas if you get the right mix.

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