How to Make a Brandy Old Fashioned

An Old Fashioned is the cocktail for you. Old fashions are delicious. One of the tastiest cocktails out there. Brandy Old Fashions have cherry, cinnamon, orange, and other homey warm flavors in that reminds me of winter. Hands down, Brandy old fashions are one of the best winter cocktails. Their huge popularity in Wisconsin should prove that. Korbel Brandy, Wisconsin Old Fashioned Mix, a Moose glass, ice, and soda make this an easy to execute cocktail for anyone that loves warmth in the winter. What’s your favorite cocktail?
To make an Old Fashioned with a mix you can use one part mix, two parts brandy, a splash of soda, and a chunk of ice. Stir it up and throw it back!

The hard way to make an old fashioned:
Cherries, a wedge of an orange, sugar cube, a little bit of water. Muddle that together.
2 parts brandy
A Splash of Soda
Chunk of ice
Garnish with some orange and a cherry

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