An Outlet for Water: The Faucet

I took some photos of my faucet. I don’t remember why…but I did. I have a few photographer friends that gave some constructive criticism and instead of being done photographing the faucet and back to my normal-ish life (normal for 2020) I decided to keep trying, hopefully getting better.

This is a faucet we recently installed in our home. It does some really cool stuff aside from just its amazing feat of bringing water into the home.

Did you know faucets date back to 1700 BC? 1700 BC!! That’s almost 4000 years ago. That’s amazing. I laugh at myself thinking about how the year 2000 still feels super recent but it has been two decades. Think about the amount of revolutions and inventions that needed to come before even the idea of faucets.

In no particular order (I’m not a scientist, historian, or Indiana Jones) I would imagine you would need wells, towns, pipes, the idea that you should be able to turn water off, and the realization how important harnessing water is to developing civilizations. Not only is the idea of bringing in water essential, but moving water out is pinnacle to development as well.

I can honestly say, I have almost never considered the history of faucets and its impact in developing the world.

Here is another photo of my faucet. I took this to play around with bokeh for the first time. Check out that drip!

If you have a fun faucet photo that you want to share on the Instagram, feel free to use the hashtags #faucetography and #faucetphotography In conclusion, faucets are cool, water is amazing, and thank you for attending my GREG talk.

One more faucet photo because things in threes are fun!

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